Global Women in Tech

A series focused on telling the stories of inspiring women in tech, sharing how they have navigated career success, how some overcame immigration challenges and resources that they have developed to ensure that women in this industry continue to thrive.

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Global Women in Tech Podcasts

1. Special Collaboration: The Mindshare Podcast and Fiftyfaces Productions: Women in Tech: Jessica Kosmowski: Tech Trends and the Power of Connection

Jessica is a principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP and lead for Consulting’s Ecosystems & Alliances practice, with a constant focus on the next big thing- which she shares with us today as our first guest on the Women in Tech Series. Jessica also shares her insights from attending the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. ...
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Special Collaboration – The Mindshare Podcast and Fiftyfaces Productions: Women in Tech

Our global Women in Tech series is an exciting collaboration between Fiftyfaces Productions and Monumental Me, an organization committed to wellness including resilience, mental fitness and strength designed to help you thrive in life and your career. It also hosts The Mindshare Podcast. In this first series of the collaboration, host Liana Slater ...
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Maram Hussein: The Importance of Hiring for Attitude and of Being the Change You Wish To See

Maram Hussein at the time of recording was Investor Communication Lead at Vintage Investment Partners and a Board Member at Kav Mashvean. She started her career as a tax researcher, moving to an auditor role before assuming her current role. In recent months she established an initiative to integrate more Arabs in the Venture Capital, Investment Ba...
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23. Ashwini Asokan of Mad Street Den – Demystifying AI through Anthropology and Insight

Ashwini Asokan is the founder and CEO of Mad Street Den, an Artificial Intelligence company, powering Retail, Education, Healthcare, Media, Finance & more with its image recognition platforms, and Headquartered in the Bay Area, California, the company has offices around the globe. She previously worked at Intel, where she led IXR's ...
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Elinor Swery

Elinor Swery – What Lies Outside Your Comfort Zone

Elinor Swery is a Solutions Engineer at Rookout, based in Tel Aviv. Rookout empowers engineers to solve customer issues faster, by making debugging easy and accessible in any environment. She describes herself as working at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds, and has a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Aucklan...
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Global Women in Tech Resources

There is more information on Women in Tech Israel here:

There is more information about Galit’s initiatives at the following links:

There is more information about Michal’s business at

There is more information about the ACT Foodtech Hub here:

There is more information on Dalit’s affiliated groups on the links below:

Helen has an active presence on LinkedIn, and you can learn more about her live sessions there and on her business website at

We first learned about Avigail’s role in venture capital through her quote in this article:

See also the following links:

See for opportunities with Efrat Fenigson's firm, Mindspace. 

Global Women in Tech Themes

Merav Oren shares her passion for Foodtech here: 11.01 to 12.55

Elinor Swery on pursuing her PhD in mechanical engineering and how she transitioned from that to a career in the tech industry 7.23 to 13

Naomi Krieger-Carmy on the fast-growing area of social impact bonds: 13.03 to 19.06

Helen Gottstein - on the importance of visibility 9.40 to 11.53 and on holding inclusive meetings 11.53 to 13.01

Galit Desheh on anti-bias training and creating an inclusive workforce 14.58 to 17.27

Helena Baker on getting the most out of LinkedIn to grow your network and business: 8.47 to 10.45

Dalit Heldenberg who co-founded LeadWith Women Leading Tech talks about what movitated her to start the group and how it benefits women in various ways 8.44 to 11.54

Avigail Levine at 8.49 to 15.13 on bringing together the tech community

Fran Jakubowicz shares her insights on building a digital marketing and lead generating business: 7.40 to 10.21

Miriam Isaac shares how she built her business through Instagram and other social media: 9.18 to 10.17

Rachel Zalta on how psychology provides such insights into how we buy: 5.09 to 10.24

Michal Eisikowitz on building her business via LinkedIN: 9.10 to 9.50 and on achieving a work-life balance 14.17 to 17.11


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