Diverse Founders and Venture Capitalists

This series shares the stories of a compelling group of founders and venture capitalists around the world, and is focused on the challenges of under-representation, raising capital and the complex factors that can lead to the deck being stacked against diverse founders.

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Diverse Founders and Venture Capitalists Podcasts

Bonus: Anthony Amunategui of CDO Group: On Leadership and Capturing the Factory of the Future

Anthony Amunategui is founder of CDO Group, a women owned business that provides general Contracting and Construction Management.  He now spends most of his time as podcast host of The Future Factory Podcast, a podcast focused on diving into conversations about what the future holds for us personally and professionally and the adventures that shap...
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Courtney McColgan of Runa: Navigating Tech in Latin America and What they Don’t Teach you in Stanford Business School

Courtney McColgan is founder and CEO at Runa, a Mexico City based firm that offers a complete cloud-based HR and payroll software solution designed for small to medium-sized companies in Latin America. She previously was Chief Marketing Officer of Cabify a transportation services platform with operations across Latin America, Spain and Portugal.  ...
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18. Betsy Cohen of Cohen Circle: Creating Impact through Fintech and Beyond – a Life of Seizing Opportunities

Betsy Cohen has built financial businesses for her whole career. She is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Cohen Circle, a growth stage investment firm focused on the fintech and impact spaces.  She was previously CEO at The Bancorp Bank, which she founded in 2000 and previously worked at Jefferson Bank for 26 years. She sits on numerous boards and ha...
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Adam Demuyakor of Wilshire Lane Capital – On Ghost Kitchens, Self Storage and other PropTech opportunities

Adam Demuyakor is the founder and managing partner at Wilshire Lane Capital, a venture capital and private equity firm that focuses on PropTech solutions based in Los Angeles California.  Born in the US to a family originally from Ghana, Adam started out on Wall Street in investment banking and held a number of private equity and venture capital r...
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Constance Freedman is Founder and Managing Partner at Moderne Ventures as well as Moderne Passport – an early stage investment fund and industry immersion program which is focused on investing in technology companies in and around the multi-trillion dollar industries of real estate, finance, insurance, hospitality and home services.  It has just...
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Diverse Founders and VC’s Resources

Diverse Founders Themes

Constance Freedman discusses the representation of women in venture capital and tech: 12.35 to 14.57

Adam Demuyakor discusses his venture capital firm focused on Proptech and the kind of innovations that he is seeing: 3.58 to 6.31

Shruti Van Dyke Gandhi discusses how she spots high growth potential and the traits she looks for in a founder 3.48 to 7.28

Austin Clements discusses the current levels of access to underrepresented founders: 8.08 to 10.18

Ezechi Britton, MBE of Impact X speaks about what he looks for in a founder 5.51 to 10.28

James Norman discusses his work at Transparent Collective: 19.09 to 20.53

Mark Mwangi presents the unvarnished truth about the strain of a start-up here: 14.28 to 15.23

Shalom Lloyd on the steps she went through to get funding to start her own business, Naturally Tribal, and the journey she experienced here: 12 to 13.05

Yvonne Bajela (from the Diverse Founders series) seeks out innovators throughout the African continent and Europe for her Impax Venture Capital fund. She shares what she looks for in a founder: 8.47 to 11.45

James Norman discusses his Harvard Business Review article and how VCs should approach funding black founders: 15.43 to 18.44

Austin Clements talks about his article “The Delusion Around Inclusion”: 18.00 to 21.31

Adam Demuyakor discusses some of the barriers he sees diverse founders facing: 12.33 to 15.09

Mac Conwell discusses how the lack of representation leads to lack of knowledge and the work he does in order to address this 10.14 to 12.31

Ezechi Britton, MBE talks about the challenges faced by diverse founders: 10.52 to 15.28
and his work at Code Untapped to provide coding and technology education to youth that would not normally have access to it: 23.26 to 27.05


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