Gary Greenberg

Fiftyfaces Meditations Hub

Fiftyfaces Hub Meditations are delivered by Gary Greenberg. Gary has been a professional investor since 1989 and a meditator since 1973.  He practices daily in a Buddhist tradition.  Gary currently lives in London with his wife Pat and their dog Pretzel.

Meditation No. 1 – Compassion

A compassion meditation starting with centering – developing compassion for oneself and developing a compassion for others.

13 minutes

Meditation No. 2 – Forgiveness

A guided meditation about forgiveness. Forgiveness is an important thing to do, to learn to forgive and give love to others and to yourself.

13 minutes

Meditation No. 3 – A Fundamental Meditation Bringing Awareness to the Body and the Breath

A guided fundamental meditation used in many traditions, especially Buddhism, to bring a relaxed form of awareness to the body and the breath. This foundational practice is designed to have you become stable, relaxed and attentive at the same time, using techniques evoking neutral sensations in the body and the breath.

21 minutes 

Meditation No. 4 – Guided Meditation involving the Four Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water

A guided meditation concerning the Four Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, allowing us to discover who we are – a first step in allowing the ego to release.

14 minutes 

Meditation No. 5 – Centering

A short guided meditation about Centering.

8 minutes

Meditation No. 6 – Awareness

A guided meditation that increases awareness of the breath, that builds upon the traditions of Buddhist meditation of stopping and going deep.

21 minutes