Pride Series

A series that draws together diverse stories of LGBT professionals, chronicling their career paths, their experience of inclusion, reflections on how things have changed and how allyship can be critical.

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Pride Series Podcasts

34. Marci Bair, CFP® of Bair Financial Planning – Coaching Sports and Financial Outcomes aligned with Values

Marci Bair, CFP® has spent over 30 years working with women in leadership, LGBTQ+ couples and progressive business owners to align their investment portfolios with their values and provide fee based financial and retirement planning. Based in San Diego, she was previously Chairperson of the South Bay Alliance and a Board Member of the Greater San ...
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33. The Debt Free Guys: David and John Auten-Schneider: Living Fabulously and Authentically

David and John Auten-Schneider are a married couple who have branded themselves the Debt Free Guys, and host a popular podcast and website full of tools to help listeners and clients to “live fabulously, not fabulously broke”. They have a proprietary Wealth Builder’s Pyramid tool that they use as a multi-pronged approach to financial freedom,...
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31. Brad Baumoel: Brad Baumoel Head of LGBTQ+ Affairs at JPMorgan Chase: Gender Expansiveness for the Next Generation

Brad Baumoel is managing director and Global Head of LGBTQ+ affairs at JPMorgan Chase, a position he assumed in April 2021.  He previously was Portfolio Director for the Chase Digital Platform and prior to that led several large-scale transformative programs and teams across the institution. He was a founding member and prior leader of OPEN Financ...
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2024 Pride Series Trailer: Activism, Mental Health, Financial Health and Gender Expansiveness

Welcome to our fourth Pride series of all time, which is full of personal narratives that will make you smile, may make you cry and will definitely make you think.  Join us as we discuss what allyship really means, share personal experiences across diverging global backgrops for LGBTQ+ rights, and take you into the realms of personal finance, inte...
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BONUS Episode: Nicci Take – Deal Coach on Sealing the Deal, Following Up and Remembering Forgetting

Nicci Take featured in our first Pride series in 2021 and shared her story as a prominent transgender advocate, inspirational speaker and coach.  We have watched Nicci’s presence grow and thrive over the past 3 years, she posts frequent inspirational content on Linked IN and we we wanted to ask her back onto the podcast to share some of that wis...
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Ray Tierney – Cybersecurity Expert: On Security, Safe Spaces and Life Hacks

Ray Tierney is a cybersecurity specialist who was formerly a paramedic.  Prior to that she was a Security Forces Security Specialist. We chart her path through school and into a series of professions that were explicitly intolerant towards LGBTQ identities and discuss how she was "outed" initially by a polygraph test, which contained particularly ...
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26. Dr. Safi Mojidi of Hacking the Workforce: How to move from Empowered to Employed

Dr. Safi Mojidi describes himself as a Point Guard of Cyber and Data Privacy.  He is the Founder and CEO of Hacking the Workforce, which co-creates employment opportunities for QTIPOC to upskill their lives and move from empowered to employed in cybersecurity. He is a Board Member and Director of Partnerships at TransTech Social Enterprises and ha...
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Pride Resources

Pride Theme

Georgy Egorov talks about what true allyship looks like, and why a collective allyship should be the goal. Listen from 16.27 to 20.47 on Apple or Spotify.

Ozzie Gromada Meza shares his experience of allyship and the community of his co-workers. Listen from 10.29 to 14.24 on Apple or Spotify.

Perry Zizzi reflects on how far things have come since the mid-1990s, when he moved from “whispering in the corridors” to proud support of Pride Parades. Listen from 14.55 to 15.55 on Apple or Spotify.

He also shares his experience with the Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce. Listen from 16.01 to 17.52 on Apple or Spotify.

Genie Cesar-Fabian shares her own work experience and how positively her work colleagues embraced her. She also shares her experience as a parent, her joy at experiencing her first pride parade and the challenges she experienced in coming out in a Catholic family in New Jersey. Listen from 14.46 to 18.09 on Apple or Spotify.

Georgy Egorov discusses how the experience in investment banking shifted too over the decades in which he worked there. Listen from 12.58 to 16.34 on Apple or Spotify.

David Mooney asks whether some shifts in inclusivity are cynical gestures, when not so long ago high street banks were actively discriminating against their gay customers. Listen from 14.11 to 15.32 on Apple or Spotify.

Hear from Jenny Whiteman about why we still need to have Lesbian Visibility week and the startling statistic that gay women are twice as likely NOT to be out at work than gay men. Listen from 16.28 to 18.04 on Apple or Spotify.

Ozzie Gromada Meza talks about his Latino heritage and the some of the challenges he originally faced due to not being out at home. Listen from 14.24 to 9.12 on Apple or Spotify.


Go to our Meditations Hub for a series of free inspiring meditations. Whether you want to start the day with a positive mindset, reset during the day, calm your mind or draw upon the power to forgive, these reflections will encourage you to give yourself this time.

Go to our Coaching Hub for videos from some of our inspiring guests and coaches to help with your career and personal development.

Hear from Oli Shakir-Khalil about his mental health advocacy here: Listen from 6.30 to 12.5 on Apple or Spotify.

Hear from Matthew Choyce about the resources that his foundation for Gay Youth in technology provides. Listen from 5.47 to 6.45 on Apple or Spotify.


If you would like to recommend a guest, send us any more resources to share with our listeners or have any suggestions or would like to contribute to the discussion, please write to us on the form below or click on this link.