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Our Next Chapter series brings together extraordinary leaders to discuss evolving careers from senior executive to board and chair roles.

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5. Steve Butler of Punter Southall Aspire – The Future of Work When Age is Just A Number

Steve Butler is Chief Executive at Punter Southall Aspire, an investment consulting group.  He was previously the founder of Camradata, a business author and a visiting industry fellow at Oxford Brookes Business School.  He has a particular focus on areas such as #futureofwork, #olderworkers, #inclusiveculture, #intergenerational, and #retirement...
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The Next Chapter – Ageism – Tackling Diversity’s Last Frontier: Insights from psychology, marketing, work, activism and psychiatry

Last year we launched a podcast with Steve Butler of Puntall Southall Aspire which shone a light on ageism as one of the last acceptable forms of discrimination.  This received such a groundswell of a response that we wanted to dig deeper into this area to develop a special next chapter series around the problems of ageism, the importance of havin...
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2. Debbie Marshall of the Silver Marketing Association: Busting Myths and Rethinking an Expanding Class of Consumers

Debbie Marshall is managing director of the Silver Marketing Association, a membership B2B organization connecting and informing businesses and individuals with an interest in marketing to older consumers.  She previously founded the Silver Travel Advisor, an information website that provides travel advice and reviews for the mature traveler and i...
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The Next Chapter Themes

Dr. Margaret Casely Hayford discusses the importance of expressing the values of an organization through a chair role: 3.15 to 5.55

Sally Bridgeland believes in leveraging technology and ensuring that all issues are on the table: 4.51 to 7.02

William Bourne shares his insights on being an effective chair: 11.03 to 12.03

Jan Nicholson discusses how she added value to roles even outside her area of expertise: 2.23 to 5.29

Sandy Urie brings her extensive experienced to investment committees: 13.37 to 15.52

Caroline Burton explains the differences between being a director and an executive here, as well as what happens when a non-executive role ends: 17.56 to 20.13

Dennis Archer on the importance of better diversity on Boards and at the Executive Level: 7.24 to 8.58

Sharmila Kassam aims to make a difference to each of her Boards by reminding them of the benefits of diversity: 13.32 to 16.45


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Hear from Oli Shakir-Khalil about his mental health advocacy here: Listen from 6.30 to 12.5 on Apple or Spotify.


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