Episode 4 – Jan Nicholson, Dennis Archer, Gerald Chen-Young, Dr. Rania Azmi, Kimberly Smith
Next Chapter: Episode 4

In this last episode in this collection we go primarily to the US and Middle East, where we meet with some seasoned as well as newer directors to hear their thoughts on the evolution of the role and the power of diversity. We also hear from two guests, Dr. Rania Azmi and Kimberly Smith, who will feature in the first series of our 2022 Fiftyfaces Podcast.

First we hear from Jan Nicholson, who is president of two private family foundations, the Nicholson Foundation in New Jersey, and the Grable Foundation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She has held board positions at Rubbermaid, Ball Corporation and Radian Group, Inc., from 1990 to 2015. I asked her about how her investment experience fed in to her Board roles, and how even without specific industry experience it is. possible to add value by leveraging her own expertise – e.g. on the Audit Committee of a board.

Staying in the US we then hear from legal legend, former Michigan Supreme Court Judge and Mayor of Detroit, Dennis Archer.  Dennis has committed his life to lifting up people behind him on the ladder, and he reflects on the levels of diversity within Board level roles and why diversity has such value.

We hear then from Gerald Chen-Young, who was formerly CIO of the United Negro College Fund as well as holding numerous board roles and now running his own consultancy.  He is candid about his reflections on his time in the executive role and how he wishes he had done even more to promote inclusion.

Moving then to our 2022 guests we hear from Kuwait-based Dr. Rania Azmi about her Board Roles and how she has seen value in thinking outside the box to add value.   The outstanding Kimberly Smith rounds out this podcast and the entire series by distinguishing between having a seat at the table and having a voice, and the importance of ground rules to establish Board norms.

Setting the tone, starting as we mean to continue.  I hope that you found these insights useful across the Next Chapter Series. I hope you found some food for thought here in this episode of FIftyfaces focus – The Next Chapter.

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