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In this series we bring a discussion forum to podcast form and discuss areas such as the challenge of self-confidence, internship programs that target women and black students, how Covid has impacted small businesses and students and more.

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Fiftyfaces Breakout Rooms Podcasts
Covid Series - Part 2

The Covid Series Part 2 – University Students

The Covid-19 Crisis has had a stark impact on university campuses, as the once crowded lecture theaters, dining halls and sports arenas sit empty and millions of students learn from remote locations. Student bodies are often the target of enhanced enforcement too, and they have been under focus for sometimes dodging restrictions, partying in colleg...
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Covid Series - Part 1

The Covid Series Part 1 – Business Owners

The Covid-19 pandemic and government responses have upended society and have wreaked havoc on small businesses in particular. According to data from Homebase, as we now enter the holiday season and year end, metrics in term so hours worked, the number of businesses open and the number of employees working have sunk to pre-summer levels. The number ...
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Classroom to Boardroom

Classroom to Boardroom – Ambition Unleashed

Welcome to our Breakout Room, which is the first spin off of The Fiftyfaces Podcast, a podcast committed to revealing the richness and diversity of the world of investment by focusing on its people, and their stories. The Fiftyfaces Breakout rooms series is a spin-off which will focus on specific topics, and sometimes feature panel-style discussion...
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Tackling Youth Employment

Tackling Youth Employment – One Magical Day and its Impact

In the throes of the economic shock caused by the Covid-19 crisis, the annual fall in employment in the UK is now the highest in a decade. Work changes lives, and young people, and the importance of hope, opportunity and the dignity that employment confers are in supreme focus. In the aftermath of the riots in London of 2011 AON participated in ...
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GAIN: Girls are Investors

The GAIN Summer Internship 2021 – Reflections, Highlights, Insights

In October 2020 GAIN (Girls are Investors) launched its inaugural Summer 2021 internship programme and received applications from nearly 200 talented young women from 48 universities.  Through 22 partner investment management firms, they offered internships to 25 young women in Summer 2021 with additional firms participating in the programme on an...
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GAIN interns discuss the benefits of a summer internship program in the investment arena

Two executive coaches and one executive search expert discuss how common it is to feel a lack of confidence and techniques to help to build it.

Our two podcasts in our Covid Series discuss how small businesses and students have coped with the new environment thrust upon them by Covid restrictions.


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Hear from Oli Shakir-Khalil about his mental health advocacy here: Listen from 6.30 to 12.5 on Apple or Spotify.


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