3. Tony Watts, OBE: Putting the Action into Action on Age – A Study of a Life’s Work

Tony Watts, OBE, is MD at Hartley Watts Communications, a director of EngAgeNet.org.uk, Director of RetireEasy.co.Uk, co-founder of the Age Action Alliance and co-author of The Midlife Review. He built his career as a writer, communicator, campaigner and strategist in the areas of PR, journalism and marketing and is now focusing increasingly on later life issues.
We trace the many chapters of Tony’s extraordinary career, in which he spent time as a speech writer, magazine editor and activist, and examine the thread of activism for older people that has been a constant throughout.
We ask what society is missing as it readies itself for a growing body of retired seniors and where funding is inadequate and preparation is poor. Tony describes the ebbing and flowing of government interest in this area, and how funding for it can be volatile and unpredictable. He talks about having to rebuild a campaign from stratch after funding was pulled and the momentum that he had to regain to do that.

Overall, Tony is convinced of the treasure and value that older people present to society and continues campaigning tirelessly to achieve more recognition for this.

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