The Next Chapter – Ageism – Tackling Diversity’s Last Frontier: Insights from psychology, marketing, work, activism and psychiatry

Last year we launched a podcast with Steve Butler of Puntall Southall Aspire which shone a light on ageism as one of the last acceptable forms of discrimination.  This received such a groundswell of a response that we wanted to dig deeper into this area to develop a special next chapter series around the problems of ageism, the importance of having access to meaningful productive work as we age and some of the barriers – both invisible and visible – that exist in society to this. Tune in for insights from psychology, marketing, work, activism and psychiatry.

This series looks at the unique challenges of mid-life and the growth of interest in the psychology of mid-life and beyond and hear from Laura Walker who focuses on this area and has written a book about the intersection of fear and confidence.  We look at the obsession with age and some of the  deeply entrenched biases that exist around age in popular culture hearing from Debbie Marshall, who has specialized in marketing to older consumers for years.

We hear updates from Steve Butler about recruiting habits that tend to discriminate against older candidates and from Alistair McQueen about the Mid Life Review that has been offered to staff at Aviva. Tony Watts shares his life’s passion and work at Age Action Alliance which earned him an OBE, while Professor Veronica O’Keane shares the medical basis of the wisdom of old age.

This is an area that currently sits in the shadows of some of the diversity debate, and we want to bring it out of there Let’s ensure that all of us can look forward to a future of dignity, purpose and security.

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