The Next Chapter Episode 2 – Success in Portfolio Careers – Dr. Margaret Casely-Hayford, William Bourne, Sandra Urie and Julian Tregoning
Next Chapter: Episode 2

In our second podcast of our Fiftyfaces Focus Next Chapter Series we hear from four more seasoned voices who are all pursuing a rich and diverse set of roles. First we meet with Margaret Casely Hayford, CBE, Chancellor of Coventry University, Special Trustee at Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity and Chair at Shakespeare’s Globe, among other board roles. She talks about the steep learning curve in gaining familiarity with the mission and purpose of each organization as well as the importance of learning to listen and for a Board to be a supportive Board. We speak also about the current levels of Board Diversity and the pace of change.

William Bourne is an independent adviser to a number of LGPS pension funds and also chairs pension boards as well as being the founder of his own firm Linchpin, which provides advice on investments and governance to institutional investors. He shares his views on the importance of bringing about better decision making as a board member, as well as the role of a Chair to ensure that all voices are heard and that meetings stay on course.

We then cross the Atlantic to meet with Sandra Urie, Chairman Emeritus of Cambridge Associates, and the holder of a range of investment committee and Board roles. She shares her views on the ideal size of an investment committee, and the importance of instilling an institutional quality process. We speak about the importance of good governance, sticking with the appropriate time horizon and about how the role changes through good and bad market environments.

Finally we hear from Julian Tregoning. Julian, like William, is another familiar face in the City of London, and he has throughout his career held many board roles in positions that sit “outside the envelope” of his City career. This is the ideal place to cut one’s teeth in his view.

So following your passion and interests, learning to think like a fiduciary, build a process and listening deeply, some tips from our seasoned board and committee members on this episode. Thank you for listening to the Fiftyfaces focus Next Chapter podcast. I hope you have enjoyed listening to these tips for the next chapter. Follow us on Linked In, Twitter, Apple podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

This podcast series was made possible by the kind support of Darwin Alternatives. Darwin Alternative Investment Management Limited offers innovative, alpha-driven investment solutions that are uncorrelated with traditional asset classes and feature business areas which have not previously been considered by investment funds. The firm aims to create new opportunities for investors to further diversify their portfolios and achieve stable absolute returns.