8. Charlotte Gibson of The Rewirement: Redefining Retirement Through Coaching

Charlotte Gibson is a coach, actuary and pensions consultant.  She is a senior manager at ISIO and the founder of The Rewirement, which is focused on redefining retirement through coaching .  She previously worked in management at KPMG and prior to that was an Actuarial Analyst at AON Consulting.

Our conversation focuses on modern definitions of retirement and how they are evolving.  We discuss the different life experiences that are now commonplace and question whether the traditional model of retirement applies. We explore the difference between retiring “from” something and retiring “to” something and look at why many people benefit from coaching to aid and frame that transition.

This podcast series was made possible by the kind support of Darwin Alternatives. Darwin Alternative Investment Management Limited offers innovative, alpha-driven investment solutions that are uncorrelated with traditional asset classes and feature business areas which have not previously been considered by investment funds. The firm aims to create new opportunities for investors to further diversify their portfolios and achieve stable absolute returns.