Isabella Mandis of Girls Who VC: Setting the Stage for A New Generation

Isabella Mandis has just finished her freshman year at Harvard College and the founder of “Girls who VC” an industry affinity group which offers resources, content and community to women interested in pursuing careers in Venture Capital.

Isabella came to my attention through the industry grapevine and it is a fitting end to the first 2023 Diverse Founder and VC series to amplify some of the extraordinary work that she is doing in this field. Although still very early in her career, Isabella has gained valuable expertise across entrepreneurship and finance.  It was in pursuing this interest that she realized that there were relatively few resources and affinity groups available to shine a light on VC investing and provide a vibrant career network in this area. She then did what every good entrepreneur does – she built one.

Listen in to hear how the idea was born over a winter break and how it quickly grew to close to 1000 members. Hear about the content that it provides and the insights that budding VCs find particularly helpful.  Clearly the industry needs more initiatives like this in order to expose and amplify career choices that lie outside the traditional. It is exciting to see the ingenuity and promise that the next generation holds.

You can read more about girls who VC here: