14. Adesuwa Okunbo Rhodes of Aruwa Capital Management – Investing through a Gender Lens

Adesuwa Okunbo Rhodes is the founder of Aruwa Capital Management, a growth equity impact fund investing in untapped opportunities across Nigeria and West Africa.

Founded when she was only 29, Aruwa Capital Management aims to change the narrative for women as capital allocators and entrepreneurs by investing in businesses that make an impact on addressing the gender gap. She previously was Partner and Managing Director at Syntaxis Africa and prior to that JP Morgan, and also holds a number of director roles as well as volunteer roles in groups such as Gaia Africa, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity and Rising Tide Africa.

In this fascinating discussion we discuss Adesuwa’s early years in finance and what prompted her to start her own fund.  We analyze what it means to invest with a “gender lens” and learn how it is not just about creating more seats at the table, but creating more tables.

Adesuwa is a visionary and empowering role model on the African financial scene and the vision for gender equity established by Aruwa Capital sets the standard for women-led equity everywhere.

There is more information on Aruwa Capital Management here: https://www.aruwacapital.com