Bonus: Anthony Amunategui of CDO Group: On Leadership and Capturing the Factory of the Future

Anthony Amunategui is founder of CDO Group, a women owned business that provides general Contracting and Construction Management.  He now spends most of his time as podcast host of The Future Factory Podcast, a podcast focused on diving into conversations about what the future holds for us personally and professionally and the adventures that shape that journey.

Our discussion starts with Anthony’s upbringing in Florida and how he got his start – painting houses, and then as a stockbroker.  We speak about how he learned to grow his sales technique, and the mentor who taught him about using his language to convey images. We hear about the relentlessness needed to make 300 calls a day, and how he processed the rejection and the no.

We jump then to his work in construction management and how he devised the concept of outsourcing construction management and how the business achieved its growth. We hear about mindset – about letting go of some of the baggage that weighs us down, weighing on our confidence and outreach.

Anthony is the founder and host of The Future Factory Podcast – which you can find here:

He tells us what drove him to gather this collection of leaders and the sparks that unite them. We hear about the importance of working on oneself as an attribute of leadership – of pushing oneself to learn and change. He touts the benefit of coaching in many aspects of life including in business, relationships, personal development and leadership.