Mark Mwangi – Backing up the Truck and Seizing the Opportunity
Mark Mwangi

Mark Mwangi is the founder of Amitruck, a Kenya-based company which connects transporters (whether a motor-bike, pick ups, van or even a large articulated truck) directly to clients, and aims to ensure convenient pricing and cut out a large part of the costs of goods. He is also co-founder of Dalwyn, a natural gas exchange, based in London. He was previously a senior investment manager at Pictet Asset Management in London, and prior to that worked in Equity Research at Bluecrest.  One fun fact shared on another podcast is that he is also a licensed pilot.

Our discussion starts with Mark’s first introduction to trucks, and how it stemmed from a part-time job he took to support his studies.  We talk about his ascent through the financial industry in London and the surprising origins of some of his mentors.  We then moved to his return to his home country of Kenya and what sparked his entrepreneurial instinct.

Mark does not sugar-coat the challenges of being a founder and of raising capital as a founder – and the strains of the pandemic have made the first few years extraordinarily challenging with logistical issues and additional restrictions.  He speaks about the challenges of re-integrating into his home country and of re-establishing his network there, which took longer than he had expected.  It is a story of some trials, some tribulations and some important triumphs.  I hope you find it as inspiring as I did.