Global Women in Tech – Coming in 2023 – Trailer for Mini-Series

In 2023 we are taking our Inspiring Israeli Women in Tech Fiftyfaces Focus Series to the next level.  We are going global with an exciting new collaboration.  In this mini-series we give you a taste of the kind of stories and concepts that we will be bringing together – comparing and contrasting experiences around the world.

In this series we hear from Maram Hussein about what it was like to be one of the only Arab Women in her tech career, and how she had to look hard for mentors and to build a network.  This experience taught her to change the playing field for the next generation – to create an affinity group and networking opportunities to ensure that mentorship and best practice could do its usual work.

We move then to the Bay Area, where we hear from Ashwini Asokan, founder of Mad Street Den about the transformative power of AI, and why it is more than “Brains, Bots and Bullshit” (the title of a successful video talk she provided). She talks about the importance of blending AI with an understanding of human behavior, through her study of anthropology, and stresses why humanizing AI will be the way of the future.

Finally in this mini-series we hear from Ahryun Moon about her experience founding a scheduling company and what it is like to be one half of a Couple-Preneur.  She speaks openly and honestly about the “Female Founder Discount” and how affects everything from company valuations to the ultimate success of that company because of the negative economics that it can create.