Rachel Zalta – Behind the Scenes of Behavioral Analysis
Rachel Zalta

Rachel Zalta is Global Lead at the Creative Shop @ Taboola in Tel Aviv. She originally studied psychology, and has a strong interest in online trends and persuasion and is an expert on online behavior. She was born in New York City and moved to Israel when she was 6 years old.

Rachel was one of the first guests that I approached for our Inspiring Israeli Women in Tech Series and is a perfect person to finish our third series. I was quickly fascinated by her blend of psychology and technology and how she was a fount of insights into how we behave online and what triggers certain behaviors.

In a world where we are increasingly bombarded by messaging, tailored advertising and in which brands are constantly evolving to be more “on trend” it is interesting to see what works and what doesn’t in winning our “engagement”.

This podcast was made possible with the kind support of Emanuel Arbib of IAM Capital Group, a global alternative investment group, and the individuals Elissa Bayer and Avital Eusgeld.