Fran Jakubowicz – Marketing Visionary; Energizing Mentor
Fran Jakubowicz

Fran Jakubowicz is CEO at SunHouse Marketing, a firm that generates leads and conducts social media and digital marketing for clients across verticals including Medtech, Pharma, Fintech, Startups, Law, Consumer Goods, Education and SAAS. She previously held a range of director of marketing positions across firms in Israel and Canada, and is a passionate advocate for entrepreneurs across Israel.

In our discussion Fran discusses her own career journey, and how she bounced back from a sudden career setback that sprung from a recession. The silver lining of this setback was that it served as a catalyst to boost her own entrepreneurial plans, and she shares some thoughts on dos and don’ts when starting one’s own business.

We also discuss the importance of mentoring, the value of being mentored throughout one’s own career and as well as the joy she derives from working with upcoming entrepreneurs. Fran also offers insights on how women should learn to know their value in the workplace and gives invaluable advice on what she would have told her younger self.

Read more about Sunhouse Marketing. Fran has a vibrant social media presence on LinkedIn where you can find her post not just industry tips, but some occasional links showcasing the beauty of Israel.

This podcast series on Inspiring Israeli Women in Tech and Beyond was made possible by the generous support of Elissa Bayer and Avital Eusgeld.