Avigail Bar-Timor Rosen – Scaling the Heights of Hi-Tech
Avigail Bar-Timor Rosen

Avigail Bar-Timor Rosen  is currently a Business Operation Associate at Payoneer. Prior to this she was a community manager at  “Women in Hitech”, which has more than 14 thousand members.  Avigail continues to promote and work for the  representation of women in the Israeli tech industry.

In this podcast we talk about how hard it can be to know what you want to do in life. Avigail describes how her  journey to discovering her career path was not a straightforward or easy one, and how she took many different turns in her quest to find a job that spoke to her. She touches on how difficult that period of searching was and how in the end she learnt that it’s not about a job title, but about  knowing your values and what you want. We also talk about the practical steps that she took in order to find her career  and the importance of networking, mentors ,and coaches.

We touch on the theme of money and how for women it’s hard to ask for their worth or even admit their goal is to make money as this can still be frowned upon by society.  Avigail’s own experiences have made her passionate  about promoting women in hi-tech.Through her involvement in various women’s organisations, she’s helping women see their worth, ask for their full value and  encourages them to promote themselves within their careers in order to continue forging ahead.

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Hosted by Maeve McQuillan.