Charna Ambers of CB Design NY – Building Brands, Leveraging Contacts, Navigating Change

Charna Ambers is founder of CB Design NY, which specializes in corporate brand and marketing design for clients across a range of industries, including in particular healthcare, lifestyle, and real estate.

Our conversation starts with her upbringing in upstate New York, her first roles and how she came to the decision to launch her own firm. We talk about her vision for branding and design, and how she builds her network. We delve in particular into her LinkedIN strategy, and how she was an early adopter on the platform and has ultimately garnered more than 30,000 followers.

We speak then about her use of a business coach and how that has been pivotal in growing her business and in offering the sounding board and advice needed to navigate through changing times.

This podcast is brought to you as a bonus episode featuring inspiring women in tech and beyond with ties to Israel.