Maram Hussein: The Importance of Hiring for Attitude and of Being the Change You Wish To See

Maram Hussein at the time of recording was Investor Communication Lead at Vintage Investment Partners and a Board Member at Kav Mashvean. She started her career as a tax researcher, moving to an auditor role before assuming her current role. In recent months she established an initiative to integrate more Arabs in the Venture Capital, Investment Banks and Consulting firms. She now lives in California.

Our conversation starts with Maram’s university study in finance and accounting and the obstacles she encountered when applying for a first position in accounting and auditing roles.  She eventually was successful, and describes how challenging it was to find peers, mentors and role models in the industry who had a similar lived experience to herself, an Arab living in Israel.

Maram discusses the break that saw her find a fulfilling role in venture capital and the awakening she experienced when she realized that she could do something to contribute to the social capital of other Arabs seeking to break into the field.  She established an affinity and networking group designed to provide a network, leads and other coaching to young people seeking to enter the industry.

Maram’s motto –  is you don’t hire for skills you hire for attitude, you can always teach the skills, and reflects on the resilience she learned from her mother, one of her original role models.