Helena Baker – Networking to Maximum Effect
Helena Baker

Helena Baker grew up in London and has a background in journalism and copywriting. Since moving to Israel in 2019 she has founded English Speaking Network, one of Israel’s premier networking group. She describes herself as a Pro Schmoozer and LinkedIn Queen.

In our discussion we talk about the early days of her career, why she was motivated to strike out on her own and what drove her move to Israel. We discuss her experience as a business owner, and whether being a female business owner has presented particular challenges.

Helena’s forte is networking and she generously shares some tips on effective networking, how it can work for different personality types and how Linked In can be used as a networking and business building tool. We also discuss a few tips for for online etiquette, which has been stretched (perhaps to its limit) during our Covid-19 existence.

This podcast series focused on Inspiring Israeli women in tech and beyond was made possible by the support of Elissa Bayer and Avital Eusgeld.