Michal Eisikowitz – Results Focused; Community Driven
Michal Eisikowitz

Michal Eisikowitz is the founder of CopyTribe, a copywriting university that offers multiple courses in different areas of copy + business management to copywriters, designers, and all creative professionals She is also the founder of Michal Eisik Media, which is the micro-agency serving select B2B SaaS + service providers with website copywriting + strategy. She defines copywriting as about saying “I do!” to the perfect marriage of research + storytelling and Michal has a dynamic social media presence where she frequently shares her tips both as a founder and marketing strategist. Our conversation traces her roots where she trained as a speech therapist and then switched to copywriting where she connected with her passion for writing, creativity and communication. We discuss the similarities between the two disciplines and examine how a business can be built and developed through social media.

My favorite part of the conversation is our discussion of some of Michal’s nuggets of wisdom, around conserving one’s own time, protecting client time, pricing appropriately (for RoI and not by the hour) and optimal client service and communication. We also delve into work/family balance and Michal discusses how integrating her family obligations with her career have helped her to show more of her authentic self at work and in the industry.

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This podcast was made possible with the kind support of Emanuel Arbib of IAM Capital Group, a global alternative investment group, and the individuals Elissa Bayer and Avital Eusgeld.