This podcast series showcases professionals who are blending two or more juxtaposed skillsets–e.g. mountain rescue, sculpture and micro-brewing–with a more traditional profession. We learn how the skills they learn in one area enrich the other.

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Bonus: Laura Sage – The Power to Chill Anywhere

Laura Sage is CEO at Chill Anywhere, and Co-Founder of the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation.  She has previously held a series of advisory and business development roles at different financial institutions including hedge funds. Our conversation starts with her financial career, and the grueling travel schedule that accompanied it.  She describ...
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3. Bonus: Fiftyfaces Focus Medicine and Science – Chidiebere Ibe – Representation with a Difference

Chidiebere Ibe is a medical student and Forbes-Featured medical illustrator whose illustration of a black fetus in utero went viral in December 2021.  Many commentators said that this was the first time that they had seen a depiction of a dark-skinned fetus or pregnant woman and provoked a discussion about the lack of representation of such images...
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Bonus – Fiftyfaces Medicine and Science: Dr. Patrick Devitt: Modern Psychiatry – Reflections on the Road to Here

Dr. Patrick Devitt is my father and co-host of the first series of Inspiring People in the Law.  He is a consultant psychiatrist in  in Dublin, Ireland, and formerly spent time as Mental Health Inspector. His area of specialty is community psychiatry and Medico-legal psychiatry. He also has degrees in law and science.  ...
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Bonus: Inspiring People in Medicine and Science: Professor Brian Devitt – Orthopaedic Surgeon – Mobility, Quality of Life, Sport and the Importance of EQ in Medicine

Professor Brian Devitt is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Professor of Orthopaedics and Surgical Biomechanics at Dublin City University.  He studied medicine at University College Dublin and has a particular focus on the knee. He is also my brother and given that he has spent that last 8 years in Melbourne, Australia and we have only seen eachot...
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Minh Tsai - Hodo Foods

Minh Tsai of Hodo Foods – A Culinary Journey from Vietnam to the US

In this episode of the Intersections Podcast, hosted by Gaëlle Beltran-Grémaud, an INSEAD classmate now based in Philadelphia, we listen to the story of Minh Tsai the co-founder and CEO of Hodo Foods. Minh shares how he arrived from Vietnam to the US as a child, speaking no English; and that with luck, the support of one woman and hard work, he w...
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Jane Ohlmeyer - Trinity College

Jane Ohlmeyer – Empowering Change, Academic Freedom and Intellectual Autonomy

Jane Ohlmeyer is the Erasmus Smith’s Professor of Modern History at Trinity College Dublin and Chair of the Irish Research Council. In this conversation we discuss her love of history, its richness, and complexity and how sometimes we are forced to re-think aspects of it, bearing in mind the voices that have been lost throughout time. We speak...
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Hear from Linda Doyle, Provost of Trinity College Dublin, and the first female provost in its history, about her vision for the college.

Minh Tsai discusses his passion for food, and his transition from a career in management consulting.

While Robert Finkel shares his move into micro-brewing from the world of private equity.

Hear four senior higher education professionals discuss their views of the third level institution of the future here:

Jane Ohlmeyer speaks about the importance of academic freedom, being climate warriors and the right structures to optimize learning and growth: 9.32 to 17.21

Linda Doyle discusses becoming a climate-first institution and all that that entails as well as the importance of instilling a deep-rooted fairness in academic promotions 6.57 to 16.22

Linda Hogan discusses the importance of a university being a connected community: 9.38 to 15.07

Dr. Margaret Casely- Hayford discusses the future of blended learning and the impact that Brexit has had on UK-based institutions: 22.26 to 26.04


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