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220. Julia Kwamya of Tikehau Capital: On the Path to Attitude, Belief and Determination

Julia Kwamya is an associate at Tikehau Capital, the global alternative asset manager, based in NYC.  She has trained as an actor, musician and voiceover artist and has released her first album “Feel Good about Feeling Bad”.  We are featuring songs from this album on this entire Series 5 of 2023.  She has been Creator in Residence at Kickstarter, as well as a casting assistant among other roles in the entertainment industry.  She studied economics at Pepperdine University.

Series 5 2023 Trailer: Going Back to the Future with Attitude, Belief and Determination

It is our last official series of The Fiftyfaces Podcast for 2023 but we have a ton of actionable content for you for the rest of the year. In Series 5 we are looking around the corner at the future of AI, and how it will enable us to go back to the future.  We will look at what lies ahead for digital health and how better inclusion, particularly of people with disabilities, empowers all employees. 

Maram Hussein: The Importance of Hiring for Attitude and of Being the Change You Wish To See

Maram Hussein at the time of recording was Investor Communication Lead at Vintage Investment Partners and a Board Member at Kav Mashvean. She started her career as a tax researcher, moving to an auditor role before assuming her current role. In recent months she established an initiative to integrate more Arabs in the Venture Capital, Investment Banks and Consulting firms. She now lives in California.

Leo Caldwell: Media in Transition – and Attitudes Too

Leo Caldwell is an inclusion educator and consultant at Empathy by Design, and an assistant lecturer at Ball State University School of Journalism, where he teaches visual communication courses in the Journalism Department. He also teaches podcasting and strategic social media communication in the graduate program at Drexel University.

David Miller of Quilter Cheviot – On Going to the Mental Gym, Conviction and Certainty

David Miller is an Executive Director at Quilter Cheviot, where he manages over £1.1 bn pounds in client funds. He has been in the investing business for over 40 years and is the author of the 7 year old “Diary of a Fund Manager” weekly diary, which has a readership of over 15,000 across 57 countries.

A legendary sage in the London investment scene shares how writing is daily diary is like going to the mental gym, and how we all should resist too much certainty and predictive force in our economic outlooks.

Rendel Solomon – A New Prescription for Belonging and Progress

Rendel Solomon, who recently worked in a Chicago-based private equity firm, is a leading voice for diversity in finance. He is the founder of the One Stock One Future, an initiative which aims to turn one million youth into public company shareholders. He serves on the Board of NASP and West Side Forward, and he was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Latin School, which he himself attended.

A discussion of a remarkable journey into finance, and a pivot to ensure better equity and representation for all.