220. Julia Kwamya of Tikehau Capital: On the Path to Attitude, Belief and Determination

Julia Kwamya is an associate at Tikehau Capital, the global alternative asset manager, based in NYC.  She has trained as an actor, musician and voiceover artist and has released her first album “Feel Good about Feeling Bad”.  We are featuring songs from this album on this entire Series 5 of 2023.  She has been Creator in Residence at Kickstarter, as well as a casting assistant among other roles in the entertainment industry.  She studied economics at Pepperdine University.

We start with discussing her upbringing, her Ghanaian/Ugandan heritage and the early interest she developed in the arts as a child.  We trace this then into her choice of college major and into her early career which saw her rotate through various creative roles. This was abruptly ended by a tragic set-back which saw her forced into a period of medical rehabilitation and overcoming paralysis, and ultimately led to a pivot into a different career path, which saw her move into alternative asset management.

Now a business development professional we discuss how her training in the arts prepared her for this role and reflect on the role of music as the soundtrack of our lives.  Ultimately it all comes down to “attitude, belief and determination”.

Series 5 of 2023 is sponsored by With Intelligence, which connects investors and managers to the right people and data to raise and allocate assets effectively.

The music in this podcast series – provided by Julia Kwamya – is available on her album on Spotify: Feel Good about Feeling Bad https://open.spotify.com/album/7lTQWSHeaVo3xHuF9q8ilv?si=uvGJZX7FQ9-2wX-0e951ZA&nd=1