Series 5 2023 Trailer: Going Back to the Future with Attitude, Belief and Determination

It is our last official series of The Fiftyfaces Podcast for 2023 but we have a ton of actionable content for you for the rest of the year. In Series 5 we are looking around the corner at the future of AI, and how it will enable us to go back to the future.  We will look at what lies ahead for digital health and how better inclusion, particularly of people with disabilities, empowers all employees.

With this central focus on the future, we examine the future of sustainable investing and whether it will focus on “flashy” engagement and at how asset management is evolving into a service business from a product business. We hear from a Corporate Responsibility Officer about the advances her company is making around disability, a thought leader in the public pensions space, a legendary leader who has built world class operations business and an investment professional who used to be an actor, singer and voice-over artist. A long-time credit expert walks us through her career while a financial planner tells us about the race of her life – to be tackled later this year.

Find out why Attitude, Belief and Determination are what it all comes down to.

Series 5 of 2023 is sponsored by With Intelligence, which connects investors and managers to the right people and data to raise and allocate assets effectively.