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Helen Gottstein – Enhancing Visibility and Finding a Vibrant Voice

Helen Gottstein is the founder of Loud and Clear Training, a communication and presentation strategy business where she serves global clients from her Israel base. She has had a long career in training women to get heard, inclusion and diversity training and presentation skills. Today, she shares her tips both as a founder and women’s advocate.

Our conversation starts with Helen’s youth in Australia and what influenced her in becoming a feminist at the age of 19. We trace that journey through her move to Israel, and her ongoing advocacy for and training in communication skills.

Jenny Whiteman: A Vision for Visibility

Jenny Whiteman is a Director of Legal Services at the international business of Federated Hermes, based in London, a role she has held for over 12 years. She previously worked as a solicitor at Eversheds. She lives with her wife and two children in London.

Recorded during Lesbian Visibility week this conversation explores the particular position of gay women in the workplace as well as a committed legal career.

Elizabeth Kleinerman of Wellington Management – Networks and Progress in Financial Services

Elizabeth (Liz) Kleinerman is a Fixed Income Portfolio Manager at Wellington Management, based in Boston.  She has worked at Wellington for her entire career, and is Chair of the Advisory Board of the Wellington Foundation as well as a Founder of the firm’s Pride+ Network and a leader of its diversity and inclusion efforts.  She lives with her wife and two sons in the Boston area.

Dalit Heldenberg – Leading with Courage and Ambition

Dalit Heldenberg is a vice president at GLOAT, a talent marketplace, and has had a close to two decade career in hi-tech. She is committed to helping people thrive at work, and is a co- founder of LeadWith – Women Leading tech, which is a non-profit organization focused on empowering and promoting women in technology careers at all levels in Israel, as well as the Israeli chapter of Girls in Tech.

Our conversation tracks Dalit’s early entry into her career, and how she from the very beginning pushed boundaries to pursue an initial position and then a shift to a project manager role.

Keren Fanan – Why Choosing an Extraordinary Path Should Be an Ordinary Decision

Keren Fanan was in her most recent role the Chief Commercial Officer at Gett, where she led the company’s international SaaS strategy and its B2B unit across over 1000 cities. Prior to that, Keren launched and scaled two “startups within a startup”. She previously held a series of business development and product manager roles. She has been a Board Member of Women in Tech Israel since November 2020.

Our conversation starts and ends with the reminder by Elon Musk that ordinary people can choose to become extraordinary, and it is that ambition and that self-belief that has led Keren not just to advance in her career but also to lift up other women in the tech community.

Rachel Fabian-Edelman – Starting Strong and the Benefits of Positive Reinforcement

Rachel Fabian-Edelman is a community manager at Citi Accelerator & Venture Investments, which is responsible for investment in a range of start-ups. She started her career in MobilEye, a mobility company and one of Israel’s most successful start-ups, that is now a part of Intel. She has a passion for connecting and amplifying the voices of women in the profession, and has started a local women’s network, and is also committed to animal rights.

Our conversation traces Rachel’s career path through a successful start-up, how she grew through stretch assignments and with the help of management who spotted talent and nurtured it.

Amanda Pullinger- 100 Women in Finance – Elevating and Empowering for the Next Generation

Amanda Pullinger is Chief Executive of 100 Women in Finance, where she leads a staff team and provides direction to 500 volunteer practitioners globally. 100 Women in Finance is focused on empowering women in the finance industry and inspiring the next generation of pre-career young women and has over 20,000 registered members globally. She previously held a series of roles in asset management and is a member of BAFTA and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

A discussion of multiple careers and pivots, and the central mission of 100 Women in Finance today.

Elois Joseph of the Greenwood Project – the importance of sitting next to the power

Elois Joseph is co-founder of the Greenwood project, which is an organization that connects Black and LatinX students with career opportunities in financial services and fintech. She previously held a series of roles in investment banks and other financial service firms, mainly in the trading support and compliance divisions.

An uplifting story of opportunity that sprung from a childhood on Chicago’s West Side and the inspiration behind the Greenwood Project and how it provides social capital down the line to future generations.

Dr. Ylva Baeckstrom – Fusing Skillsets and Authenticity to Eliminate Imposter Syndrome

Dr. Ylva Baeckstrom is a lecturer and researcher in finance at King’s College Business School in London, where she has a particular interest in behavioural finance, investment decision making and investment advice, with a special interest in gender and the interplay between advisors and their clients.

A specialist in gender equality and finance shares insights from her Ted talk and how things like press coverage confirm biases and impeded visibility for women and underrepresented groups.