2. Jessica Karr of Coyote Ventures: Innovation in Healthcare, Innovation in Building Visibility

Jessica Karr is the founder and managing director of Coyote Ventures, an investment firm that focuses on backing founders who are solving problems that disproportionately affect overlooked populations with a foundation in women’s health.  She is also a limited partner of Portfolia FemTech II Fund, designed for women who want to back entrepreneurial companies for returns and impact, among other advisory roles.

Our discussion starts with her early career and what led her into venture and an interest in healthcare in particular.  We speak about the mentors that inspired her at this stage of her career and what led to her decision to launch Coyote Ventures. We turn then to the the fundraising experience and the level of attention given to women’s health and the innovations in same.  Unfortunately these areas are often overlooked and underfunded.  She then describes the support that has come from across the industry and how innovative methods of drawing support – such as allocating a percentage of real estate deals to Coyote Ventures has been such an unique way to raise visibility for these issues and the Fund in particular.

There is more information about Coyote Ventures on https://www.coyote.ventures/

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