Episode 227: Saira Malik of Nuveen: Investing in Markets and In Oneself – A Multi-Generational Proof Statement

Saira Malik is Chief Investment Officer at Nuveen, a TIAA company. She is an active voice on social media, regularly posting videos on LinkedIn containing market related and career related content. She recently celebrated her 20th anniversary at Nuveen.

We start by exploring Saira’s own background, which starts with her grandmother’s determination to study medicine, even though that was not a typical route for women at that time. She succeeded and served as an inspiration for her granddaughter. Saira’s own academic path was an unconventional one and we talk about that and the grit that enabled her to pursue a role in investing. We trace her early investment immersion and then her trajectory at Nuveen.

We discuss then investment beliefs, and the importance of breaking down barriers to promote better financial literacy and access. Saira’s own approach to this is to deliver a prolific amount of bite-sized videos, newsletters, social-media posts and other content that serve to demystify the world of investing and ensure that it is accessible to more. We move then to discuss socio-economic mobility more generally, and the importance of investing in oneself.

Leadership styles, mentorship, the power of networks and the importance of visibility – these are all themes that emerge in this rich conversation.

This bonus series is kindly supported by Sound Mark Partners, Sound Mark Partners LLC is a women-owned and led private credit firm focused on commercial real estate.