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142. John Robinson – Building Bridges to Africa and Beyond

John Robinson, who is Chief Executive Officer at Bridge Capital Advisors, a firm he founded in mid 2021.  He previously was Chief Executive Officer at Consequent Capital Management and is a Board Member of Mifugo Hela, a fintech company based in Kenya. 

Our conversation starts with John’s childhood where he was born into a family of entrepreneurs, restaurant and business owners.  The lessons learned there in terms of hard work, risk and resilience stayed with him throughout his life.

Fran Jakubowicz – Marketing Visionary; Energizing Mentor

Fran Jakubowicz is CEO at SunHouse Marketing, a firm that generates leads and conducts social media and digital marketing for clients across verticals including Medtech, Pharma, Fintech, Startups, Law, Consumer Goods, Education and SAAS. She previously held a range of director of marketing positions across firms in Israel and Canada, and is a passionate advocate for entrepreneurs across Israel.

In our discussion Fran discusses her own career journey, and how she bounced back from a sudden career setback that sprung from a recession. The silver lining of this setback was that it served as a catalyst to boost her own entrepreneurial plans, and she shares some thoughts on dos and don’ts when starting one’s own business.

Georgy Egorov – From Banking to Biotech – A Journey of Discovery

Georgy Egorov is Chief Financial Officer of Vaccitech, a firm that develops vaccines and T cell immunotherapies to treat and prevent cancer and infectious diseases. It was one of the firms behind the recently launched Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine. He has held a series of executive roles in fintech and biotech firms, and prior to that worked in finance both at the EBRD and investment banking.

An inspiring story of coming out in Russia in the 1990s, the changing experience of LGBT inclusion in investment banking and why the flat structure of biotech offers such a different set of opportunities not just for professional growth but also for inclusion.

Elois Joseph of the Greenwood Project – the importance of sitting next to the power

Elois Joseph is co-founder of the Greenwood project, which is an organization that connects Black and LatinX students with career opportunities in financial services and fintech. She previously held a series of roles in investment banks and other financial service firms, mainly in the trading support and compliance divisions.

An uplifting story of opportunity that sprung from a childhood on Chicago’s West Side and the inspiration behind the Greenwood Project and how it provides social capital down the line to future generations.

Sorina Zahan – The Challenges and Brilliance of AI

Sorina Zahan is managing partner and Chief Investment Officer at Core Capital in Chicago, an asset manager focused on building specialty portfolios in the alternatives area, as well as Founder and CEO of Aiperion, a research development and fintech firm which aims to change the way we think about investment risk.

A passionate academic turned investment manager sets out her vision for how AI will transform the industry and describes her own journey and influences along the way.