Trailer: Series 3 of 2023 A Deep Dive

In Series 3 of the Fiftyfaces Podcast we start to dig deep – into sustainability standards, fintech, what impact actually means, and bust myths around hybrid working, the great resignation and entrepreneurship.

We ask whether we are using the right terminology – especially with respect to the vexed topic of ESG – and as whether private wealth is serving the diverse client base appropriately. We look at fintech advances as well as changes in privacy and what it will mean in terms of our personal choices. An executive search expert dissects the impact of the shift to hybrid working and the changes that she sees in the hiring landscape, while a policy expert shares what it is like to work with some of the luminaries of finance.

The guests on Series 3 are:

Robert Eccles who describes himself – in a nutshell – as a dedicated weightlifter, capital markets activist and professional committed to improving corporate reporting and enhancing ESG integration by companies and investors.

Marah Curtin who describes herself as a “catalyst on a mission to promote the empowerment of women and the next generation, financially or otherwise”. Based in Dublin, Ireland, but originally from the US, she is a Director of Client Engagement at Davy, and has had a long career in financial planning.

Monisha Varadan who works at Google focused on Privacy and Partnerships, and is a partners at Zephyr Ventures, an acquisition vehicle set up to invest in profitable, growth businesses. She is Director of the Start up Bootcamp and is Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD

Duncan McInnes who is an Investment Director at Ruffer LLP, where he has spent over a decade. He previously worked in wealth management.

Libby Cantrill who is a managing director in PIMCO’s portfolio management group. In her role, she analyzes policy and political risk for the firm’s Investment Committee and leads U.S. policymaker engagement and policy strategy for the firm. .

Cathy Ulozas, who is Chief Investment Officer at Drexel University where she has just celebrated her 13th anniversary as CIO. She has had a long career in asset management, including stints as a bond trader and portfolio manager.

Tory Hyndman who is a Partner at Charta Partners. She is passionate about educating women about careers in the City and is a volunteer for Founders4Schools as well as Maths4Girls as well as an Ambassador for The Diversity Project.

Monika Mantilla who is the President and CEO of Altura Capital, which provides institutional investors and strategic partners a mechanism of investing in underserved markets including high-performing small and diverse businesses.

Sonali Patel Wilson, who is Managing Director and Director of Alternatives, Americas at Wellington Management where she is based in the New York City area.

David Semmens who is a Chief Investment Officer at Cadro and an External Investment Committee Member at Wealthify where he was previously CIO. He holds additional Investment Committee and advisory roles and is an adjunct lecturer at Heriot-Watt University.

Bonus Episode: Isabella Mandis who is a freshman at Harvard College and the founder of “Girls who VC” an industry affinity group which offers resources, content and community to women interested in pursuing careers in or learning more about venture capital.

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