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221. Laura Langton of J M Finn – Challenges in the Atlantic and Beyond

We have brought you this story to showcase an extraordinary physical challenge – the world’s toughest row – that one of our own – investment manager Laura Langton – is about to embark upon. We examine what motivates a person to take on something so extreme and so obviously strenuous and physically taxing. We look at the preparation and mental journey that is involved, and ask what it teaches her and how she brings these learnings into the workplace.

Laura Langton an investment manager at JM Finn. She was previously involved in developing partnerships and revenue streams in financial services. Our conversation starts with her very sporty upbringing in the idyllic Cotswolds. Her mother was a jockey and Laura found rowing had its own rich history within her family.

Naomi Krieger Carmy – Solving Societal Challenges through Innovation and Impact

Naomi Krieger Carmy is a Senior VP at Social Finance Israel, an Israeli not-for-profit organization that issues Social Impact Bonds. She has had a global career that has spanned roles in investment banking, economic development and policy, and has recently had a particular focus on furthering innovation through the UK Israel Tech Hub a public/private venture to promote business and tech collaboration between the UK and Israel. Her most recent role prior to the current one was as VP and Head of the Societal Challenges division at the Israel Innovation Authority, where she was was responsible for policy, programs and funding for R&D of impact tech and development of human capital for the innovation ecosystem.

Margaux O’Brien of the University of California Investment Office – Solving the Allocator’s Challenge

Margaux O’Brien is Investment Director at the University of California investment office, based in Oakland, CA. She previously spent over 14 years in the fund of hedge fund area, where she specialized in equity long/short and other equity hedge funds. Prior to that she was an investment consultant.

A joyful discussion with a renowned hedge fund allocator and a reminder of the importance of humility and how this can be a secret weapon in overcoming performance anxiety.

Susan Martin – Greenstone Consulting – Navigating the Challenge of Change

Susan Martin is MD of Greenstone Consulting, a change and transition management firm. After a long career in the public sector, culminating in a CEO role at a financial services business, she now holds a number of director roles and works as an executive coach.

A committed change agent shares her secrets as to how to successfully execute change at a corporate level and her insights now as a coach and a director.

Cary Krosinsky – Solving the Sustainability Challenge

Cary Krosinsky is a lecturer at Yale University where he teaches and advises on sustainable finance, energy studies and climate and investing. He also holds posts at Brown University, Columbia University, and Xian Jiaotong University.

One of the most forward-looking thinkers in sustainable finance shares his varied career journey, his insights into the Chinese position on ESG and wisdom learned along the way.

Sorina Zahan – The Challenges and Brilliance of AI

Sorina Zahan is managing partner and Chief Investment Officer at Core Capital in Chicago, an asset manager focused on building specialty portfolios in the alternatives area, as well as Founder and CEO of Aiperion, a research development and fintech firm which aims to change the way we think about investment risk.

A passionate academic turned investment manager sets out her vision for how AI will transform the industry and describes her own journey and influences along the way.

Saker Nusseibeh CBE – History’s Arc; Future Challenges

Saker Nusseibeh is Chief Executive Officer of the international business of Federated Hermes. He has previously headed equity teams in a range of asset managers, and is a passionate advocate for responsible investing and the integration of ESG factors into investment processes. He is a frequent contributor to industry dialogue on these topics and received the honour of Commander of the British Empire in January 2020 for services to responsible investing and the financial sector.

A City leaders rise to the top of asset management, his passion for sustainable investing and how his understanding of history informs his leadership style.

Bonus Series 2023 – Trailer

If you have heard the term abundance of riches, that is what we have been experiencing this year in terms of our guests. So we are very pleased to bring you this bonus series, sponsored by Sound Mark Partners, a women led real estate debt firm that exemplifies so much of what we endorse and promote in the investment industry. We learn about accidental career paths, innovative strategies such as funds focused on positive change, climate engagement, GP-led private equity secondaries and carbon credit trading.