Cary Krosinsky – Solving the Sustainability Challenge
Cary Krosinski

I’m joined today by Cary Krosinsky who is a lecturer at Yale University where he teaches and advises on sustainable finance, energy studies and climate and investing. He also holds posts at Brown University, Columbia University, and Xian Jiaotong University. Hs is a published author, most recently of “Modern China: Financial Cooperation for Solving Sustainability Challenges” as well as other publications in the area of Sustainable Innovation and Impact. He is co-founder of the Sustainable Finance Institute as well as the Carbon Tracker Initiative among other initiatives and has worked closely with institutional investors to develop sustainable investment strategies and goals.

My conversation with Cary traces the different phases of his career – which he counts (to date) as five. We talk about his early interest in sustainability, how he approaches cultural differences, particularly when taking the message to China and beyond, and how he has seen the field evolve. His endorsement to be flexible in one’s career ambitions, to take time to allow careers to breathe, is one that resonates particularly well in today’s volatile times.

This podcast was supported by Alvine Capital, a specialist investment advisor and placement boutique, based in London.