221. Laura Langton of J M Finn – Challenges in the Atlantic and Beyond

We have brought you this story to showcase an extraordinary physical challenge – the world’s toughest row – that one of our own – investment manager Laura Langton – is about to embark upon. We examine what motivates a person to take on something so extreme and so obviously strenuous and physically taxing. We look at the preparation and mental journey that is involved, and ask what it teaches her and how she brings these learnings into the workplace.

Laura Langton an investment manager at JM Finn. She was previously involved in developing partnerships and revenue streams in financial services. Our conversation starts with her very sporty upbringing in the idyllic Cotswolds. Her mother was a jockey and Laura found rowing had its own rich history within her family.

We move then to her professional journey to her experience with financial services and how she found herself growing into an advisor role. We discuss what is on clients minds today and how the nature of the financial advisory business is evolving. Finally we get to the topic of the upcoming row – with Laura and her 3 teammates in an all women team poised to start in December. The row is a 3000 mile unsupported row across the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Islands to Antigua. It involves rowing in 2 hour shifts (2 hours on/2 hours off) on a 24 hour basis in what is technically a race.

Naturally I wanted to dive in to the preparation required for something so extraordinary. We looked at the importance of training for adversity – harrowing adversity – and how team dynamics evolve. The psychological journey has already started for Laura and her team, and we discuss what she has learned so far.

You can read more about Laura’s race here: https://www.worldstoughestrow.com/the-atlantic/2023-race-entrants/

Her sponsors are and if her sponsorship page is here: https://www.teamaceofblades.com/charities

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