BONUS – IWD Special – Celebrating Legends – Laura Langton – Ocean Rower on Completing the World’s Toughest Row

As we get ready to celebrate International Women’s Day, we are thrilled to have snatched some time with the legendary Laura Langton of J M Finn, who in January completed the World’s Toughest Row with her team The Ace of Blades.  The team rowed over 3000 miles across the Atlantic in 47 days and their journey was brilliantly captured by their social media team on Linked IN and their Ace of Blades profile page. The team raised over £80,000 for charity.

I couldn’t wait to catch up with Laura – and had so many questions about the adventure, and started with the practical ones – like how did they cope with the isolation, the grueling physical work, seasickness and lack of sleep.  I ask about mental tricks like setting small short term goals to break up time and instill a sense of achievement to mark time.

We moved also into the metaphysical, like the way it changed her, the team and their approach to life, leadership and work. We ask what any would be ocean rowers should know about the challenge, and look at some of the high and low points of an awe-inspiring adventure.

Don’t miss this reminder of what a group of strong and determined women can do.