246. Grace Reyes of The Diversity Exchange: Turning the Tide, One Starfish at a Time

Grace Reyes, is the CEO and Founder of TIDE – The Investment Diversity Exchange, which she founded in January 2020 as a way to connect key industry players to promote diversity and inclusion in the investment industry. She has recently extended TIDE’s reach beyond the US and has a base in both the US and the UK.  TIDE as a partner to the largest US public pension plans, their emerging and diverse manager efforts.

Our conversation starts with a story about a father, a daughter and a starfish – and how each of us has the ability to make a difference to one piece of the puzzle.  This ability to make impact – large or small – far or near – is a hallmark of Grace’s role at the center of connections in the investment industry and as founder of TIDE.

We hear about her first entry point into finance – how she didn’t hide her love of socializing, and how, while maybe not a conventional attribute for finance, this proved to be the secret sauce that enabled her to grow her network.

We hear then about the origins of TIDE, and how its birth during the pandemic was full of both challenge and opportunity.  We hear about the challenge of access to capital for emerging managers and how smaller, more personal networks help to bridge some of the gap.

As a networker extraordinaire Grace has some excellent advice as to how to build and nurture connections and we are delighted to share them here with you.

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