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Pat Lynch – A Chicago Legend Shares a Few “Golden Rules” of Sales and Business Building

Pat Lynch, who was Founder, President and CEO of Chicago Equity Partners, a Chicago based asset manager for over 20 years. He now holds investment and strategic advisory roles within the investment industry and is on the board of directors of Loyola Business School, as well as the Ballmer Center for Social Justice.

One of the legends of the Chicago-based fund management scene shares his instincts for determining how people like to buy and how to develop a sales pitch accordingly.

Annabel Gillard – On the Ethics of Business and the Business of Ethics

Annabel Gillard is an International Advisory Council Member at the Institute of Business Ethics. She previously had a long career in asset management where she ran institutional business development businesses for large asset managers and held various board and committee roles in the CFA UK organization. She is currently pursuing a post-graduate degree in the twin disciplines of Philosophy and AI.

A wide-ranging discussion that touches on ethics, artificial intelligence and institutional business development.

Genia Diamond – From Linguistics to Business Builder

Genia Diamond was most recently a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Merlyn Advisors, a special situations advisory and investment firm. She was previously a partner of Cantab Capital, where she headed up the business development area for over 8 years.

One of the most successful business builders I know traces her roots in linguistics and how building a business is so much about process and “building a machine.”

9. Kike Oniwinde Agoro: Taking Flight – From Javelin Throwing to Network Building

Kike Oniwinde Agoro is the Founder and CEO of BYP Network, a platform that connects Black professionals to each other and corporations. She is a BSc Economics graduate of The University of Nottingham, a University of Florida MSc scholar, and an ex-Great Britain javelin thrower. She previously worked in investment banking, and then in Business Development at a fast-growing financial technology company for two years because she realised ‘tech is the future’.

Keren Fanan – Why Choosing an Extraordinary Path Should Be an Ordinary Decision

Keren Fanan was in her most recent role the Chief Commercial Officer at Gett, where she led the company’s international SaaS strategy and its B2B unit across over 1000 cities. Prior to that, Keren launched and scaled two “startups within a startup”. She previously held a series of business development and product manager roles. She has been a Board Member of Women in Tech Israel since November 2020.

Our conversation starts and ends with the reminder by Elon Musk that ordinary people can choose to become extraordinary, and it is that ambition and that self-belief that has led Keren not just to advance in her career but also to lift up other women in the tech community.

Anji (Anjuman) Kaur Kang-Stewart – Navigating Glass Ceilings and Talking About Change

Anji (Anjuman) Kaur Kang-Stewart is Global Head of Marketing at Man Group, based in their London office. She previously held a series of senior marketing and business development roles throughout the investment industry and is a Member of the Board of Trustees of Nova New Opportunities and the steering committee of Talk About Black.

An extremely moving account of a challenging coming of age and the opportunities and breakthroughs that came with it.

Bonus Episode – Jennifer Ockwell – Creating Impact and Paving the Way for Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Jennifer Ockwell is a Partner at Triple Point Investment Management, based in London, and previously held a series of senior institutional business development roles at large asset management firms. She is an ambassador for the Diversity Project with a specific focus on the neurodiversity work stream and is a passionate advocate for neurodivergent individuals and their improved integration into the workforce. She was named “Investment Woman of the Year” and has been recognized for the impact that she has created in the workplace.

An exploration of the importance of better acceptance of neurodiversity in the workplace, which comes from a personal place for this guest.

Jenny Segal – Speaking and Motivating With Images

Jenny Segal is a motivational speaker, author and photographer, with a focus on building resilience, improving communication and building better workplace cultures. She had a long career in the investment industry culminating in senior leadership roles in institutional business development and distribution areas and is currently a Senior Investment Officer with Nesta among other positions, including an ambassador role with the Diversity Project.

A deeply personal look at a career in the city, a setback with breast cancer and the life lessons that stemmed from that and are now being channeled into an empowering coaching business.

Greg Williams – Setting the Stage for an Impactful Career

Greg Williams is a business development manager at Wellington Management Company, a Boston-based asset management firm. Greg is based in their Chicago office. Before pivoting to a career in finance he worked as a professional actor, and after business school spent time as an equity research analyst and has long experience in consultative selling and business development.

A successful business development executive tells the story of how he started out as an actor and continues to draw upon that skillset today.