Bonus: Laura Sage: The Power to Chill Anywhere

Laura Sage is CEO at Chill Anywhere, and Co-Founder of the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation.  She has previously held a series of advisory and business development roles at different financial institutions including hedge funds. Our conversation starts with her financial career, and the grueling travel schedule that accompanied it.  She describes her pivot to wellness and what led her to think about a solution for employing a holistic approach to health and wellness in the workplace.

That business was Chill Anywhere, which was initially conceived as an accessible meditation studio which would target busy professionals.  That was of course, derailed by Covid, and we speak about the pivot that Chill undertook then evolving into an online-based service, including an App, corporate programs and hybrid delivery solutions.  We hear about the evolution going on and the awakening of the importance of wellness to mental health in the workplace and beyond.

Laura’s other passion project is the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation and we speak about the work of that foundation and the awareness and education that that furthers.

There is more information about Chill Anywhere here: and a taster video from that on our Fiftyfaces Hub here:

This podcast is being released as a bonus to coincide with the month of February 2023 and our love and wellness series. It will also form part of Series 2 of the 2023 Fiftyfaces Podcast