Genia Diamond – From Linguistics to Business Builder
Genia Diamond

Genia Diamond was most recently a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Merlyn Advisors, a special situations advisory and investment firm. She was previously a partner of Cantab Capital, where she headed up the business development area for over 8 years. She started her career in asset management in research and then held a series of business development roles at a range of asset managers. She has a Phd in linguistics and is currently Chair of the Board of Trustees of the STEM Inclusion Foundation, a charity that aims to increase the number of girls that continue the study of maths and physics beyond GCSE.

Our conversation follows her intriguing journey from a doctorate in linguistics into the world of investment, and how this taught her to think and dissect the way that we interact with others. She has had significant experience and success in building investment management businesses, and has a proven set of steps necessary to optimize this process for success. She notes figures from the industry who have motivated her over the years and the values that keep her grounded throughout the market ups and downs.