BONUS – Jennifer Coffey of Bright Capital – How Never to be Outworked in Business Development

Jennifer Coffey is Chief Executive Officer at Bright Capital Advisors, a firm she founded a decade ago that focus on capital introductions and placement for a range of alternative asset managers.  She started her career in foreign exchange research at Lehman Brothers and worked in hedge funds for many years.

Our conversation starts with Jennifer’s start in the world of finance, how she learned by doing on the trading floor and where she found her natural strengths to lie.  We jump then to her time as an allocator in a fund of hedge funds, and what that taught her about an allocator’s mindset, which was to prove extremely valuable in her next role.

When she faced a crossroads in her career, Jennifer took the decision to set up her own placement firm, and found that the partnerships with high quality GPs paid dividends in terms of opening doors, and building her own credibility as their representative.  She talks about her persistence and work ethic, and how putting herself in the shoes of an allocator has enabled her to reframe the process of making introductions.  Finally she shares her reflections on her upbringing and the people that inspired her – such as her father, a prolific author with boundless energy.

Bright by name and bright by nature, this bonus episode is an inspiring conversation that is a must listen for anyone interested in business building in the world of investing.