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Caroline Cavanagh: Notes from the Stress-Busting Toolbox: Special Release for Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

In this special bonus episode for Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 we hear from Caroline Cavanagh, who is an Anxiety Specialist, Author, Professional Speaker and National Award Winning Therapist. She works both one on one as well as with organizations to maintain good mental health within their staff and to help individuals to reduce anxiety and stress and increase mental resilience. She has her own Youtube channel where she uploads content such as a stress-busting tool kit as well as shorter tips to reduce anxiety. You can find out more on:

5. April Rinne: Flipping the Script to Navigate Change and Uncertainty

April Rinne is a “change navigator,” speaker, investor, and adventurer whose work and travels in more than 100 countries have given her a front-row seat to a world in flux. In this podcast episode, April brings us real tools to help any executive or individual manage constant change and uncertainty, and we ask April to apply her navigation tools and insights to each of the 4 previous guests in our Women in Tech series. In April’s words, from her best-selling book, Flux: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change, “to thrive in this world in flux, we need to radically reshape our relationship to uncertainty and flip the script.” In this conversation, April helps us figure out how we can do just that.

Maya Tutian Matosevich – Why Business Must Go On – Now More Than Ever

Maya Tutian Matosevich is Global Marketing Director at Dassault Systemes, a French company and is based in Israel. She has had a long career in marketing within the software sector, where she has developed business plans and sales strategies on a regional and a global basis.

Our discussion covers her successful career – how she established herself as a leader in global marketing and developed a global team and client base. An excellent example of her ability to pivot and respond to the changing needs of her clients is the “business must go on” campaign that was initiated in response to the Covid-19 disruptions. This innovative campaign relied on fresh thinking and pivots to reframe business in a new reality without face to face meetings and the usual tools to build relationships.

Mark Steed – Out of the Box and Data-Driven – A Vision for Pension Funds of the Future

Mark Steed is Chief Investment Officer at Arizona PSPRS Trust, a US public defined benefit fund with over $13 bn AUM, where he has spent over 14 years. He previously worked as a banker and prior to that as a financial analyst, and has a Masters in Predictive Analytics. He describes himself as an “investment ideas” guy and an out of the box thinker at that.

An out of the box thinker and public fund CIO takes us out of the box to discuss his current investment ideas and what it takes to motivate a retain a team.

Bevon Joseph: Unleashing the Power of Social Capital

Bevon Joseph is co-founder of the Greenwood project, which is an organization that connects Black and LatinX students with career opportunities in financial services and fin-tech. He previously held a series of roles in investment banks and other financial service firms, mainly in trading management functions. He is an advisory board member at the DePaul Career Center and is a graduate of the GS 10,000 small business program.

From a childhood in Trinidad, to a career in finance to founding a non-profit that creates opportunity for the next generation – this podcast is quite a journey.

Annabel Gillard – On the Ethics of Business and the Business of Ethics

Annabel Gillard is an International Advisory Council Member at the Institute of Business Ethics. She previously had a long career in asset management where she ran institutional business development businesses for large asset managers and held various board and committee roles in the CFA UK organization. She is currently pursuing a post-graduate degree in the twin disciplines of Philosophy and AI.

A wide-ranging discussion that touches on ethics, artificial intelligence and institutional business development.

Julian Tregoning – From Top Hats to Market Bottoms – The Importance of Keeping it Simple

Julian Tregoning has worked in the asset management business for many years, having had senior roles in the Flemings Group (where he also covered Latin America) and at BNY Mellon. He has held multiple Director and Chair roles and is a member of the investment committee for SAUL, a multi-employer defined benefit scheme for the non-academic employees of the University of London.

A podcast that features in both our “Next Chapter” series and our main series, this trip back to the era of Top Hats in the City of London traces and extraordinary international career that first happened “by accident.”

Esther Peiner – Building a Nurturing Career Infrastructure

Esther Peiner is Co-Head of the Infrastructure Group Europe in Partners Group, based In Zug. She previously spent close to 11 years at Macquarie Group, where she was a managing director focused initially on the TMT sector and then infrastructure and real assets.

A deeply personal discussion of the challenges and opportunity of blending work and family in the world of finance, the fascinating world of infrastructure investment and the benefits of a diverse workplace.