Maya Tutian Matosevich – Why Business Must Go On – Now More Than Ever
Maya Tutian Matosevich

Maya Tutian Matosevich is Global Marketing Director at Dassault Systemes, a French company and is based in Israel. She has had a long career in marketing within the software sector, where she has developed business plans and sales strategies on a regional and a global basis.

Our discussion covers her successful career – how she established herself as a leader in global marketing and developed a global team and client base. An excellent example of her ability to pivot and respond to the changing needs of her clients is the “business must go on” campaign that was initiated in response to the Covid-19 disruptions. This innovative campaign relied on fresh thinking and pivots to reframe business in a new reality without face to face meetings and the usual tools to build relationships.

Just as business must go on, so must life, and our conversation then turns to the sacrifices that are made in the name of careers and how working mothers in particular are often pulled in many different directions. We acknowledge the strain this can take, but also admit that high powered careers are not cost-free.

This podcast was made possible with the kind support of Emanuel Arbib of IAM Capital Group, a global alternative investment group, and the individuals Elissa Bayer and Avital Eusgeld.