Caroline Cavanagh: Notes from the Stress-Busting Toolbox: Special Release for Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

In this special bonus episode for Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 we hear from Caroline Cavanagh, who is an Anxiety Specialist, Author, Professional Speaker and National Award Winning Therapist. She works both one on one as well as with organizations to maintain good mental health within their staff and to help individuals to reduce anxiety and stress and increase mental resilience. She has her own Youtube channel where she uploads content such as a stress-busting tool kit as well as shorter tips to reduce anxiety. You can find out more on:

This podcast discusses Caroline’s journey into this area of work and her observation on the growth of anxiety.  This is particularly evident in the workplace and elsewhere among teens.  We trace the origins of this uptick in stress and dive into Caroline’s tool kit to find tools to combat it.

We look at framing, the words we use – the importance of using “and” instead of “but” and how to think about judgement as opinion instead – which is liberating. There is much in this podcast to dig into again and again and we will provide a YouTube link