1. Dr. Brian Dooreck – Time for the Ultimate Gut Check: Gut Health, How Patients Should Advocate For Themselves, and Navigating the Healthcare System

Dr Brian Dooreck is a Board Certified Gastroenterologist with a particular focus on private healthcare advocacy, life balance, and gut health. We met on Linked In when I became aware of his frequent health tips and his work within the private wealth community to promote ways to optimally navigate healthcare. He lives in Florida.

Our conversation starts with what led Dr. Dooreck to pursue a career in medicine and how gastroenterology appealed to him because he found it intuitive and understandable. He also found it relatable and noted how all of us relate to it.

We move to talking about advance in that area, and what excites him most – in particular the screening tools that enable him to detect pre-cancerous growth in the colon, as well as the importance of taking a holistic approach to gut health.  We talk about fads in this area, what really works, and the importance of balance in one’s daily diet.

We turn then to another one of Dr. Dooreck’s passions, which is helping people to navigate the healthcare system, and he noted how “broken” the healthcare system is and how people underestimate the importance of navigating it properly.  He also observed that patients themselves can greatly improve their access and experience of the healthcare system by learning how to properly advocate for themselves, by capturing their own health history, being responsible for logging it and communicating it and how important this can be in terms of getting the right care when it matters.

Finally we look back at what have been the most significant highs and lows in Dr. Dooreck’s career so far.