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Anji (Anjuman) Kaur Kang-Stewart – Navigating Glass Ceilings and Talking About Change

Anji (Anjuman) Kaur Kang-Stewart is Global Head of Marketing at Man Group, based in their London office. She previously held a series of senior marketing and business development roles throughout the investment industry and is a Member of the Board of Trustees of Nova New Opportunities and the steering committee of Talk About Black.

An extremely moving account of a challenging coming of age and the opportunities and breakthroughs that came with it.

Genie Cesar-Fabian – Law, Literature and Pride, not Prejudice

Genie Cesar-Fabian is a Partner, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Palladium Equity Partners, based in the NYC area. She previously worked as in-house counsel, a law professor and an attorney in private practice. She lives with her wife and two children in the NYC area.

An empowering conversation that tracks Genie’s coming out in NYC in the 1990s and her legal career as a professor, in private practice and then in-house.

Austin Clements – Blending vision and execution to seed the next generation

Austin Clements is a partner at Slauson & Co., a Los Angeles based venture capital firm that provides pre-seed and seed funding to a range of founders. He’s a Kauffman fellow and has a strong interest in economic empowerment. He was previously Chair of Pledge LA, an alliance between LA’s venture capital community, the Annenberg Foundation, and the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti. He also holds a number of board roles.

We start by talking about his upbringing in LA, his time at Morehouse College and how his taste of business there left him determined to find a job in venture capital. We hear how his initial search came up dry, but how he persisted and fulfilled his goal eventually. We talk about the difficulty in threading the needle of supporting deserving founders and sifting through 100s of prospects to find the gem.

Bonus Episode – Jennifer Ockwell – Creating Impact and Paving the Way for Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Jennifer Ockwell is a Partner at Triple Point Investment Management, based in London, and previously held a series of senior institutional business development roles at large asset management firms. She is an ambassador for the Diversity Project with a specific focus on the neurodiversity work stream and is a passionate advocate for neurodivergent individuals and their improved integration into the workforce. She was named “Investment Woman of the Year” and has been recognized for the impact that she has created in the workplace.

An exploration of the importance of better acceptance of neurodiversity in the workplace, which comes from a personal place for this guest.

Bonus Episode – Stephan Breban – Private Equity, Africa and the Power of One

Stephan Breban is Head of Research at Renewity, the Founder of Giants Shoulders Capital and a consultant to a number of different firms. He is known as one of London’s original (and legendary) private equity investors and advisors and has witnessed some of the good, the bad and the ugly of that the sector presents. We had the pleasure of working together, side by side in our own entrepreneurial ventures, for over a decade.

A vast discussion that touches on the African investment opportunity as well as the challenges of private equity today and how to address the diversity problem.

Doug Shaw – Lessons Learned on a Round Trip from Oxford

Doug Shaw is Bursar at St. Peter’s College, Oxford, a position he has held for over two years. I got to know him when he was in a COO role within one of Europe’s most successful hedge funds, The Children’s Investment Fund, and in his investment career he has held a series of fascinating roles, both at start up firms and in large firms such as Gartmore and Blackrock. He has spent time in derivatives sales, building a business for charity clients, and in managing hyper-fast growth, and now holds various NED and Investment Committee positions in addition to his Bursar role.

A straight-talking look at the business of building a hedge fund business and the ongoing problem of low representation in the industry.