Genie Cesar-Fabian – Law, Literature and Pride, not Prejudice

Genie Cesar-Fabian is a Partner, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Palladium Equity Partners, based in the NYC area. She previously worked as in-house counsel, a law professor and an attorney in private practice. She lives with her wife and two children in the NYC area.

Our discussion starts with a look-back to Genie’s childhood in Long Island, her love of sports and music, and her experience of coming out in the Village of NYC in the 1990s. She tells a deeply personal story of some of the struggle that was involved.

Her study of law seemed to be pre-destined, and it lived up to all of its expectations. We spend a little time talking about the law course that she thought on law and literature, and how she started her career in private practice but ultimately transitioned to an in-house role and the benefits that that brought. Her professional experience was a broadly positive one – with inclusive forward-thinking environments where her status as a parent and a member of the LGBT community was welcomed.

We then turn to her assessment of the current levels of inclusion and acceptance and marvel that things have come so far, but we do note the small gestures that continue to make a difference in creating a welcoming environment.

This podcast was made possible with the kind support of David Mooney, as well as Tom Soto of the Diverse Communities Impact Fund.