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Ghanaian Voices – Dawid Konotey-Ahulu – Removing the “Kinks in the Hosepipe of Life” for a New Generation

Our first Ghanaian voice in this series is a legend on the London-based investment management scene. 

Dawid Konotey-Ahulu is an entrepreneur in financial services, technology and elderly care and the co-founder of Redington, the London-based independent pensions and insurance advisory group with $500 bn in assets under advisement, as well as, a social media platform connecting the pensions and insurance industry.

Ghanaian Voices – Trailer

In celebration of Ghana’s 2022 Independence Day, celebrated on March 6, 2022, we are delighted to bring you a bonus series featuring a collection of inspiring Ghanaian voices at home and away.

Bonus Episode – Toyin Oluwole (Alalade) – Opportunity Knocks on the Journey Home

Toyin Alalade’s last role was as a Senior Strategy Manager with Royal London. She previously worked in a range of financial and marketing roles at Standard Life and Moody Monday. She recently left Scotland and returned to her home country of Nigeria, and it was a moving Linked In post that she wrote that led me to her.

A story of what drove a return home to Nigeria after over a decade in the UK, most recently Scotland. A bonus episode that also appears on our Nigerian Voices series.

Uche Orji – A Journey Home – Answering the Call

Uche Orji is CEO of the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority, based in Abuja, Nigeria. A native of Nigeria, he has had over 20 years experience in various financial roles including semiconductor analyst in Europe and the US, before returning to Nigeria just over 8 years ago. He also holds a number of Board roles.

A rich discussion that covers Uche’s early career, his success in equity research on the global stage, and his thought process in returning to Nigeria to take up the role at the helm of the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority. We discuss the investment opportunity in Africa as well as why ESG is a critical component. This podcast also features in our Nigerian Voices series.

Yele Aluko – A Journey in Medicine; An Examination of Diversity

Yele Aluko is Chief Medical Officer at EY, a role he has held for close to 4 years. He is Co-Chair, Health Equity Advisory, at the international Well Building Institute, an Advisory Board Member at the Children’s National Hospital and a Board Member at the Wake Forest University School of Business. He has worked as a Cardiologist in hospital settings for over 30 years.

A profoundly personal discussion of the immigrant experience, overcoming isolation to build a thriving cardiology practice, leaving to pursue a role in medical policy and the ongoing challenge of inequity within the medical profession and how to address it. This podcast also features in our Nigerian Voices series.

Andrew Osayemi – Earning Your Yes, Finding Your Voice

Andrew Osayemi is a specialist diversity recruiter at Rare Recruitment and the creator of the Netflix TV show Meet the Abebanjos. He started his career as a city trader and then took the plunge into starting a TV production company, MTA productions – although, as he claims he did not “know anything about TV.” He is the author of the book “How my Disastrous Teenage Love Life Will Get You Your Dream Job.”

A richly varied discussion on being given an early chance, integrating into the professional world, finding one’s authentic voice and on earning your “Yes.” This podcast also features in our Nigerian Voices series.


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BONUS EPISODE: Adesuwa Okunbo Rhodes

Adesuwa Okunbo Rhodes is the founder of Aruwa Capital Management, a growth equity impact fund investing in untapped opportunities across Nigeria and West Africa.  

Founded when she was only 29, Aruwa Capital Management aims to change the narrative for women as capital allocators and entrepreneurs by investing in businesses that make an impact on addressing the gender gap.

Adam Demuyakor of Wilshire Lane Capital – On Ghost Kitchens, Self Storage and other Prop Tech Opportunities

Adam Demuyakor is the founder and managing partner at Wilshire Lane Capital, a venture capital and private equity firm that focuses on PropTech solutions based in Los Angeles California.  Born in the US to a family originally from Ghana, Adam started out on Wall Street in investment banking and held a number of private equity and venture capital roles before found in Wilshire Lane.  He also holds a number of Board roles and is a Board of Trustee of the education nonprofit 9 Dots.