177. Dede Eyesan of Jenga Investment Partners – Building, Mentorship and Seeing the Positive

Dede Eyesan is Founder and CEO of Jenga Investment Partners, a firm that invests globally across growth, turnaround and cyclical equity opportunities. Our conversation starts with his home life and a particularly early introduction to investing.  This sowed the seeds for a passion for stocks, investing and research and what ultimately led him to launch his own investment firm – Jenga Investment Partners – at an unusually young age.

Our conversation focuses then on his passion for stocks, and is quite sweeping in its scope.  We cover his concentrated style, the type of stocks that appeal to him, and his passion for writing up detailed pieces of research and sharing them – open source style – with his followers and investors. We move then to the thornier concept of ESG integration and what it means in practice.

Dede has had a range of diverse mentors from many different parts of the life, some known to him and some that he admired from afar.  He shares their inspiring stories here in the spirit of sharing wisdom.

This podcast also appears in our Nigerian Voices series and is rich in its discussion of the energy of Nigerian life and the impact of Dede’s upbringing on his current perspective in life.

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