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BONUS Episode: Nicci Take – Deal Coach on Sealing the Deal, Following Up and Remembering Forgetting

Nicci Take featured in our first Pride series in 2021 and shared her story as a prominent transgender advocate, inspirational speaker and coach.  We have watched Nicci’s presence grow and thrive over the past 3 years, she posts frequent inspirational content on Linked IN and we we wanted to ask her back onto the podcast to share some of that wisdom  – particularly as we get ready to launch our pride series of 2024 in coming weeks

Trailer Series 2 of 2024: Wealth & Wellness, and Determining the Hero of the Story

We are thrilled to be back with Series 2 of the 2024 Fiftyfaces Podcast, which will marry insights from private wealth with insights on strategy, leadership and the investment landscape. Inter-dsiplinary learning is the way of the future, so we are excited to weave together diverse aspects of our investment discipline here. Series 2 is rich with insights around private wealth, 

Bob Snigaroff of Denali Advisors – Highs and Lows from the Land of the “High One”

Bob Snigaroff, who is President and CIO at Denali Advisors, based in San Diego. The firm is named after Mount Denali, the highest peak in the USA located in Bob’s native Alaska (and the name for the mountain means “High One or Great One”). The firm is classified as a minority run firm due to Bob’s native American heritage and we discuss his upbringing in a fishing village in Kenai Alaska and how this influenced him in both striking out from the area and remembering his roots.

A unique insight into Native American heritage, a childhood in Alaska, and how it informed a career in finance.